Welcome to all the parents of Mrs. Udin's Class. I am very happy to have all my returning students and we are going to have a wonderful school year. We will have lots of different activities going on this year as well as lots of classwork and homework. If any of you have any questions that you need to ask me, please feel free to either contact me here or by phone, letter or in person. I will get back to you as soon as possible.
Many of you know our homework routine. For reading, each day of the week, there is a homework assignment that follows our reading work from class.
Here is the reading homework schedule for the year:
Monday - Spelling words are to written 5 times each.
Tuesday - Spelling words are to be put into a sentence.
Wednesday - Spelling words are to be put in ABC order.
Thursday - Spelling words are to be studied for the spelling test on Friday.

They are to be expected to wear the school uniform every day - for 6th graders - Maroon shirt and beige khakis, for 7th graders - black shirt and beige khakis and for 8th graders - gold shirt and beige khakis.

Math - We have been and will continue to be working on clocks. We will be continuing telling time to the minute. Worksheets will be given for homework every night.

Mrs. Udin's reading group consists of Jaquan, David, Randolph and Adaceli for one group and Jose in a second group.
Ms. Hart's reading group consists of Malika, Emily, Naomi, Richard, Catherine and Nana.

Please check your child's bookbag every night to make sure they are bringing their homework home and doing their homework every night.
The book that Mrs. Udin's group is presently reading is The Prince and the Pauper by Mark Twain
For Mrs. Udin's Reading group - spelling words for the week of - March 9 -, city, floor, hard, tar, harbor, gate, park, prince, chart, pauper, sister, march, guard, star, army, London, sparkle, part, sharp, rag.
For Mrs. Udin's second group - Jose - we are working on word families - AR and IT. We are also going to be reading ch. 2 of "Uptown, Downtown". His words are - faster, he's, dog, barked, as, after, Kate, John, little, just, running, ball.

The book that Ms. Hart's reading group is presently reading is Mummies in the Morning by Mary Pope Osborne

For the week of March 9, Ms. Hart's reading groups words are - stairs, musical, silence, through, instrument, creaked, drafty, goblets, bare, dim, scroll, barely, torchlight, traced, glowing.

Math HW for everyone has been worksheets - check notebooks.

Have children study their math work every night.